Our Services

From precision irrigation system design and installation to expert landscaping solutions, our services ensure you lush greenery and vibrant landscapes for your property.

Start Up

As cold weather takes its toll on irrigation systems, improper startup can lead to costly repairs. Protect your system from winter's impact with our experts services.

Repairs and service call

Regular maintenance on your irrigation system ensures that your lawn gets the best possible care it needs and stays working in order.


This service will prepare your system for winter and prevent damage to pipes or other system components.

New Install​

If you're looking to install a new zone or redo your install, we can offer a new installation so your lawn and plants have all the coverage they need.


If a sprinkler system is working, it doesn't mean changes or replacements won't be needed. We can renovate your system so you get the best possible coverage on your lawn and plants.


Jp irrigation offers low-voltage landscape lighting, enhancing the beauty of your yard with subtle and captivating illumination. Our expert will lighten up your yard beautifully.

Bring nature in your home

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